Hosted Zimbra

Hosted Zimbra

The powerful Ajax web client integrates email, contacts, shared calendar and online document authoring into a rich browser-based interface.

  • Lower Costs with Zimbra HostingLower Costs

    Eliminate the high cost of hardware acquisition, software, security tools, and management of the whole infrastructure.

  • casezimbraBuilt On Industry Standards

    • Procurement and Installation of industry standard hardware (Dell, CISCO etc.)
    • Installation of leading enterprise software (Windows, Linux, Vmware, Proxmox, etc.)
    • On-going management, performance tuning, and support
    • Security patch management
  • Zimbra ScalabilityScalability

    Our enterprise cloud infrastructure is designed to grow along with your future business and application needs.

  • 24x7 Zimbra Support Team24×7 Extended IT Team

    Our always available (24x7x365) enterprise technical support members will act as an extended IT team for your company, helping your staff to hand-hold up your internal technical staff to focus on other important projects

Cost Advantage with ZimbraSure-shot Cost Advantage

Migrating from a model of high upfront capital expenditures to a monthly operating expense which includes maintenance.

Zimbra Hosted Service Providers Customer Focused

  • Dedicated account manager who understand your business and provides solutions.
  • Same day hardware and Operating System replacement warranty.
  • Support escalation plan in case of emergency
  • Archival of all emails (incoming & outgoing – even from mobile devices) onto a designated account.
  • Intuitive Message Management and Search

    • Conversation View hides redundant messages that clutter up your inbox
    • Search Builder is a simple “WYSIWYG” tool to make advanced queries; save favorite searches as “virtual” message folders
    • “Tagging” automatically highlights email from important people
    • You can view attachments (like Word or Acrobat files) immediately as HTML instead of downloading and opening them in another applications
  • Address Book

    • Supports multiple Address Books (personal and server-side Global Address List
    • Easily share Address Books and contacts with peers
    • Autocomplete from personal and/or Global Address List (GAL)
    • Create personal distribution lists
  • Robust Personal and Shared Calendaring

    • View multiple schedules as ‘overlays’ on your calendar, one click to toggle them on and off
    • Complete resource and group scheduling, with delegated access
    • Share and publish calendars with peers
    • Subscribe to remote calendars as iCal feeds
  • Online Documents

    • Create, share, and publish rich Documents online
    • WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to add spreadsheets, images, etc.
    • Turn Documents into collaborative Wiki pages
    • First application to use the innovative AJAX Linking and Embedding (ALE) technology Zimbra pioneered
  • Easy Sharing and Publishing

    • Simple sharing model common to Address Book, Calendar, and Documents
    • Share internally (read and/or write access) or publish externally with a simple URL (read only).
  • POP Account Aggregation

    • Set up multiple external email accounts to be viewed and managed within ZCS
    • Email replies from different accounts can have different Signatures and Mail Identities
  • Productivity Enhancing “Mash-ups”

    • Use Zimlets to get single click access to calendar, contacts and maps.
    • Easily create new Zimlets for your unique needs
  • View Mail in Basic HTML Mode

    • Basic mode with a non-Ajax web UI for poorer connections, legacy browsers or easier accessibility
  • Personalisation

    • Users can choose their own colour themes
    • Administrators may quickly re-brand and/or create new themes

Zimbra Technology & Architecture

Zimbra Server is the core of Zimbra Collaboration Suite; it is designed with an extremely stable and modular architecture using proven open source technologies. Zimbra Server provides tremendous flexibility because it contains all of the components necessary to run your email and calendar messaging infrastructure out of the box; it also connects to just about every popular end-user client through the many standard protocols it supports.

Key benefits of the Zimbra Server:

  • Proven open source – built with Linux, Apache Tomcat, Postfix, MySQL, OpenLDAP, Lucene
  • Uses industry standard open protocols – SMTP, LMTP, SOAP, XML, IMAP, POP, iCal, CalDAV
  • Efficiency and horizontal scalability – Zimbra server is 3-5x faster than comparable systems, plus each server has its own data store, message store, and set mailbox accounts. To scale simply add more servers.
  • Control and Delegation – Multi-tenancy, delegated admin
  • Runs on standard server hardware
  • Easy to administer and maintain – familiar open source components, robust migration tools, key feature advantages like scheduled backup and restore; live email archiving of all incoming and outgoing emails on a designated account, intuitive Ajax-based web Admin Console.

Zimbra Server Component Overview

The Zimbra Server is comprised of many components working together as a complete end-to-end solution. The core server is written using Sun Java technology, Apache Tomcat is used for the web application server. The server integrates with several other installed systems such as the MTA, databases, and security package.

The message transfer agent (MTA) routes mail messages to the appropriate Zimbra Server; this service is based on the widely popular Postfix MTA. Integrated into ZCS via the Postfix MTA is also a complete anti-spam / anti-virus security solution which is very stable (ClamAV, SpamAssassin and more). The MTA can easily integrate with additional upstream edge MTA’s (3rd party AS/AV solutions such as Barracuda).

Also included in the solution are several data stores for end-user information: OpenLDAP provides user authentication, MySQL handles all preference and message-meta data, and the local Linux or Mac file system is used for physical message storage


Dedicated Hardware

Hardware is not shared with other customers, so you get predictable performance and security, while simplifying software licensing. Support demanding applications with up to 64 Intel® processor cores and 4TB of RAM per server.

Control Without Headaches

Manage your virtual infrastructure using right approach and with team of expert. Moreover you will benefit from providing services and solutions under an already established name which is referred to as "funeloo Support".

Security and Compliance

Layer on value-added services like Pugmarks Managed Security to provide deep expertise and advanced threat intelligence for help protecting your business.

Expert Support for cloud infrastructure

Pugmarks support team is a professional queue of technical experts, who is adding value to comtomers on their day-to-day operations, moreover backend senior technical expertise, so you are always enjoying also a partnership that care about your operation.

Hardware On Demand

Grow your physical compute, network, and storage capacity in timeframes measured in hours and days, rather than the weeks, months.

Cloud Management Platform

Integrated platform that provide for the management of public, private & hybrid cloud environment, that incorporate self-service interface, provision system images, snapshots and provide for some degree of workload optimisation through established policies.

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