Data Centers

Internetoffice currently owns and operates two state-of-the-art data centers in Chicago & Mohali offering complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

Internetoffice has an offering to fit any need. Our product offerings include Public & Private Cloud and rackspace by the Unit. The datacenter facility sits atop multiple power grids, with PowerWare UPS battery backup power and dual diesel generators onsite. Three more third party backbone providers are available in the building via cross connect. And each is staffed 24×7 with experts to troubleshoot and address the issues.


Standardized, best-practices-based facility


We optimize key data center performance variables including: space, power, network, personnel, and internal infrastructure.Better power, bandwidth, and support for each server.We’ve designed our racks to provide high bandwidth, ample power, simplified system .

Redundant power, cooling, and network carriers.

At DataCenter maintain multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup. They are built from industry-leading hardware and equipment, ensuring the highest level of performance, reliability.
24×7 on-site security. Rigorous controls. Peace of mind.
Every location is hardened and Server room access is limited to certified employees. The most sensitive financial,healthcare and government workloads require the protection.


Data Center Specs

Data center facilities include:

  • 12,000 SqFT
  • n+1 UPS Battery Backup Units
  • n+1 Backup Power Generators
  • n+1 Cooling Infrastructure
  • Multi-Level Access Control


Dedicated Hardware

Hardware is not shared with other customers, so you get predictable performance and security, while simplifying software licensing. Support demanding applications with up to 64 Intel® processor cores and 4TB of RAM per server.

Control Without Headaches

Manage your virtual infrastructure using right approach and with team of expert. Moreover you will benefit from providing services and solutions under an already established name which is referred to as "funeloo Support".

Security and Compliance

Layer on value-added services like Pugmarks Managed Security to provide deep expertise and advanced threat intelligence for help protecting your business.

Expert Support for cloud infrastructure

Pugmarks support team is a professional queue of technical experts, who is adding value to comtomers on their day-to-day operations, moreover backend senior technical expertise, so you are always enjoying also a partnership that care about your operation.

Hardware On Demand

Grow your physical compute, network, and storage capacity in timeframes measured in hours and days, rather than the weeks, months.

Cloud Management Platform

Integrated platform that provide for the management of public, private & hybrid cloud environment, that incorporate self-service interface, provision system images, snapshots and provide for some degree of workload optimisation through established policies.

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