10 Tips for Choosing Ideal Web Hosting Services

There are several web hosting services in India. But it might be hard to pick the right service provider. What do you base such a decision on? There are so many server hosting services and even cloud hosting companies to choose from. We will tell you on what criteria you should pick your web hosting service provider.

  1. Reliability and speed of the net :- The most important factor to look at is the uptime of the server. You need to make sure that your web hosting service offers reliability and guarantee for the uptime of the server. You should try and bargain a deal where the service provider gives you a refund if the running time of the server is less than 99.5% or a figure you think you need.
  1. Traffic or Bandwidth :- The reason you need a server hosting service in the first place is that you are going to transfer data to and from the server. A lot of companies offer unlimited bandwidth but you should always make sure that you opt for a fixed plan where you pay according to the bandwidth that you use.
  1. Disk space :- Just like bandwidth, most of the cloud hosting providers India will try to lure you with a lot of memory like 100 GB or so but most sites don’t generally need so much disk space. To make sure, you can try to measure the amount of disk space that your websites use and opt only for that much or find a cloud hosting company that offers pay according to use policy.
  1. Customer support:- You do not want to be stuck with a cloud hosting company that gives you their service and doesn’t help you with anything after that. You would like to have some customer care or support to help you with your queries. Ideally, the Best Web Hosting Services have centers that work all day all week so you will never have any issues.
  1. Technical feasibility :- It’s okay if you haven’t heard these terms before but make sure that the web service provider allows you to have FTP, PHP, Perl, SSI, .htaccess, SSH, MySQL and Cron. Some web hosting services might not allow you to install these scripts but they are essential. Things like MySQL are essential if you have a database and you need to answer queries based on it.
  1. SSL or security of the server :- Most of us know the importance of security especially if you own an e commerce website as you collect credit card details. If you get money for your products from the customer directly, make sure your web hosting service provider lets you set up a secure server or SSL. This shouldn’t bother you if your company uses a third party to collect sensitive data.
  1. Email options :- It is most likely that your domain has an email id and you want to do things like forward mails to another id, give automated responses or make your email retrievable through an email software. Make sure that your cloud hosting company provides this.
  1. Hosting Multiple Domains :- Most cloud hosting providers India don’t allow you to host multiple domains or subdomains on the same web server. Be sure to check all terms and conditions about this before signing the deal.
  1. Compatibility :- Do check the operating system that the server is using. It is better if the OS is UNIX based and has the Apache web server. If not, you might have several compatibility issues and also configuring it might be hard.
  1. Price:- Last but not the least, price is an important factor. Make sure you understand what they are charging you and why they are charging you the amount. You can either go for paying it monthly, quarterly or yearly packages and see what works best for you. Start out with monthly plans and when you like their service, you can make it annual.

Apart from these, there are few other smaller factors that you should think about. Do check if the web hosting server is reselling for some other hosting company as this might be a reason for increased price. Having a local provider for the service is always better. There are a lot of good Cloud Hosting Providers India from whom you can pick one. Make sure you have great functionality like a simple control panel from where you can manage certain basic things.

Finally, try checking online reviews to find out who provides the best hosting services. Other users who have used their service are the best people to judge.  Do a lot of research and read to get an overall picture of both the positive and negative reviews about any web hosting services.


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