New Mobile OS's and gadgets are

turning out quick, future-evidence your App
much quicker. Get your applications running
snappier with quick scaling innovation and have the capacity
to become fast in the cell phone showcase.

Mobile App Hosting

New Mobile OS’s and gadgets are turning out quick, future-evidence your App much quicker. Get your applications running snappier with quick scaling innovation and have the capacity to become fast in the cell phone showcase. Facilitating portable application over our stage encourages you use whichever Mobile device and customer write most appropriate to your objective client.

Deliver and discharge an undertaking class application, while whole lifecycle of your application is setup and facilitated with High execution API framework.

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1 . Rapid Auto Scaling for your Apps because Every Millisecond Counts :: Oversee drastically expanding application utilization on our greatly versatile cloud, quickly. Astutely composed APIs scale up your application execution, with the goal that your business dependably remains up in the hasty versatile world

2. You Build, We Host on App-Ready Architecture :: Online networking, offer buy, charging or an authority application produced for business correspondence – fabricate your application and let us redesign and scale in our High accessibility engineering. A brisk send, a moment update and an unending observing is the thing that your application gets with our Mobile App Hosting Service.

3. 24×7 Performance Monitoring :: Your Mobile Apps should remain online dependably and load rapidly and for that, we’re prepared. The whole 10GB/s arrange is checked constantly by specialists in our Network Operations Center (NOC), with the goal that you run your most loved application flawlessly

4. Pay only for what you use :: Keep away from additional cost. Our demonstrated Pay-per-utilize innovation causes you spare extensively, as you pay just for the assets you really utilize. In different circumstances, when you free up assets, we free you off the cost.

5. Let Your Developers Code a New Thing, With Complete Focus & Full Control :: Need to build up another application, proceed, center. Your engineers can take control through full root/administrator control of the servers. Store, work on dialects like .NET and NodeJS, and then some. Get an effective and adaptable backend.

6. Cloud (Enterprise, Private, Hybrid) You choose your platform, We Deploy and Manage :: Cloud is for Scale. Get your portable application up and running on a stage that you pick. Manufacture a solid, fast yet very secure backend on big business, private or cross breed cloud and for exceedingly equipped portable applications.

7. Get Database Support :: Support in setting up Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and so forth. Remote versatile application database facilitating support for execution tuning and memory streamlining. Get on request benefit in the event of crisis and convenient conclusion of issues.

8. Full Protection and Security :: Get top of the line chance moderation for your versatile application and remain secured against DDoS assaults and some other dangers. With MTvScan, you can empower a safeguard instrument which offers propelled application level security and dispose of potential outcomes of a lull.


Dedicated Hardware

Hardware is not shared with other customers, so you get predictable performance and security, while simplifying software licensing. Support demanding applications with up to 64 Intel® processor cores and 4TB of RAM per server.

Control Without Headaches

Manage your virtual infrastructure using right approach and with team of expert. Moreover you will benefit from providing services and solutions under an already established name which is referred to as "funeloo Support".

Security and Compliance

Layer on value-added services like Pugmarks Managed Security to provide deep expertise and advanced threat intelligence for help protecting your business.

Expert Support for cloud infrastructure

Pugmarks support team is a professional queue of technical experts, who is adding value to comtomers on their day-to-day operations, moreover backend senior technical expertise, so you are always enjoying also a partnership that care about your operation.

Hardware On Demand

Grow your physical compute, network, and storage capacity in timeframes measured in hours and days, rather than the weeks, months.

Cloud Management Platform

Integrated platform that provide for the management of public, private & hybrid cloud environment, that incorporate self-service interface, provision system images, snapshots and provide for some degree of workload optimisation through established policies.

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