Some Practical Purposes that Zimbra Hosting is able to Fulfill

Efficient multitasking needs successful collaborating tools to make our tasks, especially, business concerning tasks work better. Zimbra hosting is the name of such an enterprise- class hosted email solution designed for viewing various business needed solutions together. With many such collaborating solutions in the market, it often confuses the user as to whom to give preference. In such dilemma of choice, it is the beneficial features of the tool that makes it preferable in the eyes of any user.

Before knowing about the beneficial features of Zimbra hosting, it is necessary to know the inconvenience of using simple emails.

Zimbra hosted emails won’t let following problems to come up in the business:

The business emails are downloaded from their web hosting provider and are stored on a workstation through an email client like Microsoft Outlook. This setup works very systematically and is thus; very common. But, the heavy email users face certain problems regarding this setup. The problems faced are:

  • Requirement of backup of each workstation
  • The failure to share mailboxes with other staff members of the organization
  • Lack of proper synchronization while accessing emails from other sources or gadgets like another computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Emails hosting Zimbra claim to offer following features and benefits:

Zimbra Hosting gives the freedom from accessing the emails from anywhere and from any device and calendar as well. These two, when synced together, lets you read, respond, and schedule from any device and the comfort zone of even your rest room or even while you are on your way. In addition, to this with the use of Zimbra hosting you will have a well-managed schedule on the calendar and no copying of emails to circulate in the organization. As with the use of this email solution share mailboxes, shared calendars, and shared contacts can be kept with every member of the staff.

  1. The facility of shared mailboxes: Certain mailboxes that are needed to be shared by multiple members of the staff can be shared by using regular programs like, Microsoft Outlook.
  2. The facility of shared calendars: This will benefit certain members of the staff to make changes in the calendar as per permission provided.
  3. Share contacts and tasks: Now your staff need not keep separate copies of contacts and tasks as it can all be centralized into one with the help of Zimbra hosting.
  4. Freedom of usage from mobile devices: All the mailboxes, calendars, and contacts are synchronized within the mobile devices such as I-Phone and Android phones.
  5. High efficient webmail: The mailbox shows multiple features of mailboxes, calendars, contacts and tasks same as it is shown on the desktop email program.
  6. The facility of desktop mail client: No need to worry if you do not have an email, or a program like Microsoft Outlook for storage and management as Zimbra solution also offers Desktop Mail Client at no extra cost.
  7. Centralization of data: All the data is stored on the Cloud hosting infrastructure of Zimbra hosting that has an automated backup feature.
  8. Easy Retrieving of data: The data saved is not locked in the Zimbra infrastructure thus; it can be easily saved out from an email program.
  9. Import of existing mail: All the existing emails, calendars, tasks and contacts can be imported from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP or any other platform easily.
  10. Easy scalability: All these features of Zimbra can be enjoyed either by a single user at an affordable monthly fee or even for large enterprises.

The easy solution that came up in the form of Zimbra hosting makes handling of the business quite easy.


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